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办 公 室:工商管理学院B314、办公电话:86-731-88822899、E-mail:fwang@hnu.edu.cn


        王峰,博士,博士后,副教授。2012年毕业于武汉大学市场营销专业,获得管理学博士(美国联培一年)。2013年在University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign从事博士后研究工作。2013年12月底,入职湖南大学工商管理学院。研究兴趣包括新媒体、产品创新、营销建模等。主持国家自然科学基金1项、教育部人文社科基金1项、湖南省自然科学基金1项、校级纵向课题2项;参与国家自然科学基金4项、科技部规划项目1项;发表多篇论文于Journal of Marketing、Journal of Retailing、《管理科学学报》、《南开管理评论》等国内外期刊。参与中国劲酒、美尔雅期货等企业横向课题5项;承担销售预测、广告预算、新产品开发、客户诊断系统等方案设计和软件开发。


       2009.9-2012.12      武汉大学经济与管理学院               管理学博士           

       2011.9-2012.9      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  联合培养博士  

       2007.9-2009.6       武汉大学经济与管理学院               管理学硕士           

       2003.9-2007.6       武汉大学数学与统计学院               理学学士

                                  武汉大学经济与管理学院(第二学位)    管理学学士   



湖南大学工商管理学院 副教授


湖南大学工商管理学院 助理教授


College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 博士后


1. 新媒体

2. 产品创新 

3. 营销模型






[1]Wang F, Liu X, Fang E. User Reviews Variance, Critic Reviews Variance, and Product Sales: An Exploration of Customer Breadth and Depth Effects. Journal of Retailing, 2015, 91 (3): 372-389

摘要:Online user reviews constitute a new element of the marketing communication mix that can significantly affect product sales. A general consensus holds that positive user reviews valence benefits product sales, yet the effect of variance is less intuitive and current findings are mixed. We propose that user reviews variance actually constitutes a double-edged sword that can either hurt or help product sales, depending on the variance of critic reviews and other quality signals. Three complementary studies in multiple industries (movies, digital cameras, and books) with multiple methods (secondary data analysis and behavioral experiment) reveal three key insights in this setting. First, after recognizing a high variance in user reviews, many potential buyers may simply exclude the focal product from their consideration sets for fear that it does not match their needs and preferences, which is termed the customer breadth effect. Second, high user reviews variance, in combination with high critic reviews variance, can elicit a sense of uniqueness and thus enhance purchase intentions of some consumers, which is termed the customer depth effect. Third, quality signals (e.g., product cost and product extension) can strengthen the positive customer depth effect. The overall effects of user reviews variance, therefore, can be negative, insignificant, or even positive. These findings have important theoretical and managerial implications.

[2]Wang F, Huang M, Shou Z. Business expansion and firm efficiency in the commercial banking industry: Evidence from the US and China. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2015, 32: 551-569.

摘要:Despite a consensus that business expansion drives firm effectiveness, extant literature has neglected the exact relationship between business expansion and firm efficiency. Using secondary data from the US and Chinese banking industries, this study explores two efficiencies of exploratory expansion (i.e., investing in new business, outside the scope of the firm’s existing business) and exploitative expansion (i.e., expanding target markets in the existing business)—profitability and marketability. The empirical results reveal that exploratory expansion decreases profitability but increases marketability. Meanwhile, exploitative expansion has no significant effect on profitability, but it can increase marketability. Furthermore, the study reveals that Chinese banks are likely to benefit more from exploratory expansion, whereas US banks would benefit from exploitative expansion.

[3]Tang, Ya, Eric Fang, Feng Wang (Correspondence author) (2014). Is Neutral Really Neutral? The Role of Neutral User-Generated Content in Affecting Product Sales. Journal of Marketing, 78 (July): 41-58

摘要:This article aims to specify the performance implications of neutral user-generated content (UGC) on product sales by differentiating mixed-neutral UGC, which contains an equal amount of positive and negative claims, from indifferent-neutral UGC, which includes neither positive nor negative claims. The authors propose that positive and negative UGC only provide opportunities for consumers to process product-related information, whereas both mixed- and indifferent-neutral UGC affect consumers’ motivation and ability to process positive and negative UGC. The results of three studies using multiple measures (text and numerical UGC), contexts (automobiles, movies, and tablets), and methods (empirical and behavioral experiment) indicate contrasting premium and discount effects such that mixed-neutral UGC amplifies the effects of positive and negative UGC, whereas indifferent-neutral UGC attenuates them. Empirical evidence further indicates that ignoring mixed- or indifferent-neutral UGC leads to substantial under- or overestimates of the effects of positive and negative UGC. The effects of neutral UGC on product sales thus are not truly neutral, and the direction of the bias depends on both the type of UGC and the distribution of positive and negative UGC.

[4]王峰、黄敏学 (2012). 基于有限状态自动机的新产品市场成长研究. 管理科学学报, 15 (7): 30-39. 

摘要:消费者对新产品的持续性动态采用过程可以看作有限状态自动机的状态转移( 待购状态、在购状态、休眠状态) . 在综合大众传播、口碑效应、首次购买、重复购买、顾客流失、以及季节性扰动等因素的情况下,运用有限状态自动机构建出符合动态采用模式的市场成长模型.此模型更具综合性和精确性,不但可以涵盖经典的Bass 模型和后续发展的服务增长模型与尝试—重购模型,还可以推断出以往难以估计的重购系数和流失系数. 实证检验快消品、耐用品和服务等品类数据,结论表明新模型比现有三种模型具有更好拟合性,对未来销售的预测力也更高. 该模型有利于深入了解新产品在社会系统中一般性的扩散和成长规律.

[5]寿志钢、王峰、贾建民 (2011). 顾客累积满意度的测量——基于动态顾客期望的解析模型,南开管理评论,14 (3): 142-150.




[1] “中立性”用户创造内容的作用机制与形成模式研究. 国家自然科学基金青年项目. 2015-2017. 项目主持人

[2] 基于动态消费模式和社会传染的新产品扩散研究. 教育部人文社科基金青年项目. 2014-2016. 项目主持人

[3] 混合性和无差异性的在线评论对产品销售的影响研究. 湖南省自然科学基金青年项目. 2015-2017. 项目主持人