Frank Veltman

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Personal data

Name: Veltman, Frank

Date of birth: April 5, 1949.

Before my retirement in April 2014 I was Professor of Logic & Cognitive Science (since 2001) and scientific director of the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (2004-2009) at the University of Amsterdam.

I have a position as Distinguished Professor in Linguistics at the College of Foreign Languages of Hunan University since September 1, 2018.


My main research interest is in the logical analysis of natural language. In this connection I am most known for my contribution to the development of dynamic semantics. Every now and then I make an excursion outside this field. For example,

the analysis I gave of the notion of relative interpretability belongs to the foundations of mathematics, and the analysis of default reasoning was a contribution to artificial intelligence.

Recent Publications

The Language of Prejudice, Valedictory Lecture, University of Amsterdam, 2014.

Making the right exceptions, Artificial Intelligence, 238, 2016, pp. 96-118. (with H. Bastiaanse)

Expressing expectations, in: B. Rabern and D. Ball (eds.), The Science of Meaning. Oxford University Press, 2018, pp. 253-276. (with In´es Crespo and Hadil Karawani)

Testing and Tasting, forthcoming in Linguistics & Philosophy. (with In´es Crespo)


The article ‘Defaults in Update Semantics’, published in The Journal of Philosophical Logic was chosen as one of the ten best papers in philosophy to appear in print in 1996. It was reprinted as such in volume XIX of The Philosopher’s Annual.


I have held guest professorships at the University of Edinburgh (1997), Stanford

University (1998), the university of T¨ubingen (1987, 1988, 1999), Peking University

(2009), the Normal University in Beijing (2014), and Tsinghua University (2015).