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姓名: 韩晓筱 
系别: 机械工程及自动化 
职称/职务: 教授/博导, 岳麓学者
Email: xiaoxiaohan@hnu.edu.cn 
College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering
Hunan University


09-2002 to 07-2006     北京理工大学  机械工程及自动化本科学历
BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Automation
10-2006 to 09-2007     英国莱斯特大学 高级机械工程专业硕士学位
MSc with distinction in Advanced Mechanical Engineering
10-2007 to 09-2011     英国莱斯特大学 高级机械工程及生物材料专业博士学位
PhD in Mechanics of Biomaterials
博士论文“Degradation models for polyesters and their composites”


10-2011 to 07-2012          博士后研究员 华威大学
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the University of Warwick 
 07-2012 to 09-2016         博士后研究员 拉夫堡大学
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Loughborough University
 09-2016 to 05-2019         增材制造讲师,博导(永久职位),英国拉夫堡大学
Lecturer in Additive Manufacturing, Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University
 05-2019-               教授、博导,    湖南大学机械与运载工程学院机械工程及自动化系
Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Hunan University.


英国机械工业学会 会员
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
英国材料及矿业学会 会员
The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining                         
欧洲人造器官学会 会员 
European Society for Artificial Organs                                         
欧洲生物材料学会 会员
European Society of Biomaterials  
Journal of Tissue Engineering (SCI)                                    编委
Advances in Mechanical Engineering (SCI)                        编委
Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes    特邀编委
Biomaterials, Acta Biomatieralia, Journal of the Mechanical Behaviour of Biomedical Materials, Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Computational Materials Science, Acta Biochimica, Journal of Visual Languages and Computing等。


4D printing
Additive Manufacturing (AM) for Biomedical applications
Biodegradable polymer
Functional composites materials by AM
Smart Hybrid Additive Manufacturing



1.国家海外高层次人才引进计划青年项目,“3D生物个性化制造”, 2019-03 – 2022-03, 200万,在研, 主持。
3.欧盟“地平线2020”玛丽凯莉计划 2017-2021(No.213535),“定向复合材料的制造和创新”, 2017-2021,142万欧元,在研,共同主持。
4.欧盟第七框架计划  2013-2016 (No.609146 ), “Cassamobile, a factory on the go”, 2013-2016,  800万欧元,结题,博士后主研。
5.欧盟第七框架计划  2011-2015 (No.263416 ), “ArtiVasc 3D,Artificial vascularised scaffolds for 3D-tissue regeneration, 2011-2015, 1050万欧元,结题,博士后主研,WP3负责人。


韩晓筱教授自2007年以来,一直从事生物先进制造相关研究工作。在这期间,在生物制造与生物材料顶级期刊发表论文20余篇,其中Biomaterials 3篇,Acta Biomaterials 2篇,他引406. 单篇最高引用124. 同时受邀撰写两本Elsevier:《Science and Principles of Biodegradable and Bioresorbable Medical Polymers》和《Modelling Degradation of Bioresorbable Polymeric Medical Devices》专著中的四章内容。因在3D打印皮肤方向和血管流体力学方向的贡献,分别获邀担任杂志 Journal of Tissue Engineering (SCI, IF 4.418)以及杂志 Advances in Mechanical Engineering (SCI,IF 0.827)的编委。至2011以来以主要研究人员和负责人主持和参加EPSRC项目,欧盟FP7, H2020项目共4项。2019年获得国家海外高层次人才引进计划青年项目并加入湖南大学机械及运载工程学院。
Selected Papers:
1.Taohong Zhang, Geyu Jin, Xiaoxiao Han, Yue Gao, Qingfeng Zeng, Binbin Hou, Dezheng Zhang. 2019. Multiscale modelling for the heterogeneous strength of biodegradablepolyester. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials Volume 90, 337-349.
2.Shuai Ma, Qian Tang, Qixiang Feng, Jun Song, Xiaoxiao Han, Fuyu Guo. 2019.Mechanical behaviours and mass transport properties of bone-mimicking scaffolds consisted of gyroid structures manufactured using selective laser melting. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials Volume 93, 1751-6161.
3.Xiaoxiao Han*, Julien Courseaus, Jamel Khamassi, Nadine Nottrodt, Sascha Engelhardt, Frank Jacobsen, Claas Bierwisch, Wolfdietrich Meyer, Torsten Walter, Jürgen Weisser, Raimund Jaeger, Richard Bibb, Russell Harris. 2018. Optimized vascular network by stereolithography for tissue engineered skin. International Journal of Bioprinting. Volume 4: 134.
4.Xiaoxiao Han*, Richard Bibb, Russell Harris, 2016. Engineering design of artificial vascular junctions for 3D printing. Biofabrication. Volume 8: 025018.
5.Xiaoxiao Han*, Richard Bibb, Russell Harris, 2015. Design of bifurcation junctions in artificial vascular vessels additively manufactured for skin tissue engineering. Journal of Visual Languages & Computing. Volume 28 Page 238-249.
6.Xiaoxiao Han, Yuan Tian, Changying Zhao*, 2013. An effectiveness study of enhanced heat transfer in phase change materials (PCMs). International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. Volume 60, Pages 459-468.
7.Xiaoxiao Han, Jingzhe Pan*, 2011. Polymer chain scission, oligomer production and diffusion: A two-scale model for degradation of bioresorbable polyesters. Acta Biomaterialia. Volume 7, Pages 538-547.
8.Jingzhe Pan*, Xiaoxiao Han, Wenjuan Niu, Ruth Cameron and David Farrar, 2011. A model for biodegradation of composite materials made of polyesters and tricalcium phosphates. Biomaterials. Volume 32, Pages 2248-2255.
9.Xiaoxiao Han, Jingzhe Pan*, Fraser Buchannan, Neill Weir, David Farrar, 2010. Analysis of degradation data of poly(l-lactide–co-l,d-lactide) and poly(l-lactide) obtained at elevated and physiological temperatures using mathematical models. Acta Biomaterialia. Volume 6, Pages 3882-3889.
10.Ying Wang, Xiaoxiao Han, Jingzhe Pan*, Csaba Sinka, 2010. An entropy spring model for the Young’s modulus change of biodegradable polymers during biodegradation. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials. Volume 3, Pages 14-21.
11.Xiaoxiao Han, Jingzhe Pan*, 2008. A model for simultaneous crystallisation and biodegradation of biodegradable polymers. Biomaterials. Volume 30, Pages 423-430.
12.Ying Wang, Jingzhe Pan, Xiaoxiao Han, Csaba Sinka, Lifeng Ding, 2008. A phenomenological model for the degradation of biodegradable polymers. Biomaterials. Volume 29, Pages 3393-3401.


国家青年特聘专家 (2019)
湖湘高层次人才聚集工程创新人才 (2019)
Santander Mobility Award (2016)
Dunlop Polymer Engineering Division Prize (2008)
The Best Student in Advanced Mechanical Engineering, University of Leicester (2008)