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通讯地址:湖南省长沙市岳麓区湖南大学土木工程学院A503室, 410082


        康馨博士是湖南大学岩土工程系教授,博士生导师。康馨博士本科毕业于长安大学,硕士、博士均毕业于美国密苏里科技大学,回国前曾在美国科研机构和工业界工作,先后担任研究助理、岩土工程师、项目工程师等职务。康馨博士主要从事环境岩土工程、岩土材料跨尺度模拟与微观表征、基于固废资源化利用的先进功能材料制备与性能表征等领域的研究; 在岩土工程、地质工程、道路工程和土木工程材料等领域国际知名SCI期刊上累计发表学术论文40余篇,担任美国土木工程师学会 (ASCE)非饱和土学会(Unsaturated Soils Committee)和环境岩土学会(Geoenvironmental Committee) 会员。欢迎岩土工程、土木工程、地质工程、环境工程、材料工程以及化学工程专业学生报名攻读硕士、博士学位以及博士后工作学习。博士后信息可参考学校网站:http://postdoctor.hnu.cn/


        Dr. Xin Kang is a Professor in Geotechnical Engineering at Hunan University. Dr. Kang earned his B.E. degree in Geological Engineering (highest honors) from ChangAn University. He obtained both his Master and Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA. Afterward, Dr. Kang worked as a geotechnical engineer in industrial in the US for about two years. Now he is a professor in the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering at Hunan University. Dr. Kang is highly motivated and dynamic with research interests in the areas of Environmental geotechnics, Multiscale modeling and characterization of clay-water systems, and Geopolymer based advanced functional materials. Dr. Kang has published over 40 top-tier journal papers in the areas of civil, geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. Dr. Kang is a member of the ASCE-GI Unsaturated Soils Committee and ASCE-GI Geoenvironmental Committee.


• 博士,土木工程,密苏里科技大学, 2015

• 硕士,岩土工程,密苏里科技大学, 2010

• 本科,地质工程,长安大学, 2008

• 高中,陕西省榆林中学, 2004


• 2018年至今,湖南大学土木工程学院,教授(岳麓学者晨星A岗)



• Associate Member of American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE, 2010–present

• Associate Member of American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM, 2013–present

• Geoenvironmental Engineering Committee, Geo-Institute of ASCE, member, 2013–present

• Unsaturated Soil Committee, Geo-Institute of ASCE, member, 2015–present

• 中国岩石力学与工程学会会员 (S330730467M), 2017–至今

• 中国地震学会岩土防震减灾专业委员会会员, 2017–至今

• 国际土力学与岩土工程学会会员,2019-至今

• WTC公路工程学部岩土工程学科路基综合设计与加固技术委员会主席,2020-至今


• 特殊土与环境岩土工程

• 岩土材料跨尺度模拟与微观表征

• 基于固废资源化利用的先进功能材料制备与性能表征



• 花岗岩残积土扰动损伤规律及本构模型,中国国家自然科学基金委青年项目(#51808207), 2019-2022 (主持)

• ng超重力环境下生物聚合物改性黏土的沉积特性研究,软弱土与环境土工教育部重点实验室开放基金课题, 2018-2020 (主持)


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康馨, 陈植欣雷航胡黎明陈仁朋. 基于3D打印研究颗粒形状对砂土宏观力学性质的影响岩土工程学报,2020,(09), 1765-1772.

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量测土样径向应变的组合式动三轴动单剪压力室系统, ZL201510418556.7

入式土体强度及波速联合测试装置及其使用方法, ZL201710997746.8



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• 教育部科学技术进步一等奖,2021(参与)

• 优秀审稿人奖,2019(ASCE-JMCE Outstanding Reviewer Award)

• 优秀审稿人奖,2018(ASCE-JGGE Outstanding Reviewer Award)

• 湖南大学首批 “天职学者” 项目, 2018

• 湖南省 “百人计划” 青年项目, 2017

• 湖南大学 “岳麓学者计划” (晨星A岗), 2017

• 优秀审稿人奖,2017(ASCE-JMCE Outstanding Reviewer Award)

• Rising to the Challenge - Chancellor’ Challenge Award, Missouri University of Science & Technology, 2015

• Marquis Who’s Who in American, in recognition of the 70th Platinum Anniversary, 2015

• Shannon and Wilson Inc. Fellowship (research and service), Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2014-2015

• Shannon and Wilson Inc. Fellowship (research and service), Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2013-2014

• Joseph A. Cesare Fellowship (research and service), Missouri University of Science and Technology 2012-2013

• Norbert Schmidt Fellowship (teaching and service), Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2011-2012

• Norbert Schmidt Fellowship (research and service), Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2010-2011

• 长安大学校级优秀毕业生 2008 (Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award, Chang An University)

• 长安大学优秀学生奖学金 2006-2007 (Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholarship, Chang An University)

• 长安大学国家奖学金 2005 (China National Scholarship, Chang An University)